Sun Tail Mermaid Designer Mermaid Tail + Monofin for Swimming


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See size chart above in product photos. Sizing is very forgiving as tails are very stretchy.


Others may claim max propulsion, but only Sun Tail Mermaid delivers. In a speed test against leading mermaid monofins, the Sun Tail Mermaid Keiki and Nunui monofins win every time.

Only our neoprene foot pockets separate and secure the feet for better mermaid tricks, flips, and turns.

So many colors! Match your monofin to your mermaid tail or wear it alone and look sharp in your favorite color - basic black is so yesterday. Unless you like black, in which case, we have you covered!


Our sparkly mermaid tails are made of sparkle swimsuit fabric. They are breathable, and won't weigh you down in the water.

Note! Sparkles can rub off the fabric if scraped across rough surfaces. Be careful and your tail will stay beautiful!

All fabric mermaid tails are fragile, especially on the tips! Mermaids who scrape their tails on rough pool bottoms WILL end up with holes very quickly. Only Sun Tail Mermaid ships protector tape kits FREE with every mermaid tail + monofin order. Use the tape as directed to repair and protect your mermaid tail against this very common damage.


Not a flotation device. Adult supervision is required at all times. Recommended only for experienced, strong swimmers ages 6 and up.


Rinse items in cool water and lay flat to dry. Sparkle tails should be hand washed only! Washer and dryer can strip the sparkles from the fabric.

Breathable swimsuit fabric with 4-way stretch
Breathable swimsuit fabric with 4-way stretch
Engineered monofins provide superior swimming propulsion and control